This site provides information about GreenHeat technologies, their applications, and support for people interested in using and applying the technologies. For your convenience, we've listed related sites that share the same vision.

General Renewable Energy Information:

Canadian Assocation for Renewable Energies
In My Back Yard
Canadian Renewable Energy Network
Natural Resources Canada - Renewable Energy Deployment Initiative
Natural Resources Canada - Energy Sector
RETScreen - Project AssessmentTool

Earth Energy:

Earth Energy Society of Canada
Canadian Renewable Energy Network - Earth Energy Module
RETScreen - Ground Source Heat Pumps

Solar Energy:

Canadian Solar Industries Association
Canadian Renewable Energy Network - Solar Energy Module
RETScreen - Solar Water Heating Model
RETScreen - Solar Air Heating Model

Biomass Energy:

Canadian Biomass Association
Canadian Renewable Energy Network - Bioenergy Module
RETScreen - Biomass Heating Model

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